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EU Influences on our Blowers & Suckers

While extremist elements are threatening the peace of our fragile world and the French economy seems likely to re-ignite a euro crises. The EU decided it was a good time and idea to ban high power vacuum cleaners, followed by similar restrictions on hair driers, lawn mowers and other domestic appliances.

When we joined the common market 40 years ago, I am sure, like me, you expected it to improve our standards of living, not make life more difficult. The silly thing is, if all the household electrical products in the EU were banned our carbon emissions would be reduced by approx. 1%.

So we have a regulatory body controlling 500 million people with the apparent object of restricting trade rather than expanding it. Every cloud has a silver lining however, as sales of high power vacuum cleaners went up by over 40%, in August.

I don’t want to rub salt into the wound, but the EU bureaucrats have got their beady eyes on the British motor industry, in particular our MOT system. It goes without saying that whatever the EU dictates, we will continue to provide SALES & SERVICE with our usual panache.

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