Month: October 2021

The Good Old Days

I am sure many of you have watched the interesting series of repeated programmes on BB2., which illustrated changes in High St businesses from Edwardian times to the present day. The main emphasis was on the comparison between changes in the methods of trading, to make businesses more profitable and its subsequent cost to the community. The loss of personal service was the keynote, and the extent to which it was provided by the small shopkeeper.
While village communities have to decide just how much more they are prepared to pay in order to retain their local village shops and services.
Covid has highlighted that home delivery has put a whole new concept to our way of life
There is however light at the end of at least one tunnel and that is in Garage Services. The bigger the better, philosophy, of the main dealers creates the need for bigger and “posher” premises, further and further away from the local community, usually in out of town trading estates. Unfortunately, many motorists are totally unaware of the vast difference between the labour rates of the up market main dealer and their local garage. Add to this, the local garage’s skill and knowledge of servicing a much wider range of makes and models. With a spiralling cost of living, using your local garage is not only cost saving but is much more convenient.
So what other reason do you need to come to us for :-


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