Year: 2019

I Hold Up My Hand

I was very interested to hear on the news recently that those clever people at Oxford University, the ones with more time than they know what to do with, have been carrying out some study to ascertain what is different about people who are  left handed.

It does appear that we have some different genes which determine that we have a speech difference as well. Now this may well be the reason that the “old man” blithers on every month about controversial and political subjects usually aimed at upsetting those people who haven’t got a sense of humour. The reason is Lefty’s are generally very emotional.

Such emotion of course may be displayed in many different  ways, two such opposites being the fiery John McEnroe  and Bob Geldof’s deep concern for the less fortunate. While our future King, Prince William is required to sail a middle and unbiased course without displaying any emotion


What the report did not say was, what if you are ambidextrous?, as this is a term I would use to describe myself,  add to this the little matter of being a Gemini and you see why I will never please all of the readers all of the time


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